Starter Package

Small Flat or Home

Control Panel with Keypad
Wifi Module
ProControl+ App* 12 months subscription 
External Sounder 

1 Door Contact
2 PIR Movement Sensors

2 Remote Set Fobs

Medium Package

Medium to Larger Homes

Control Panel with Keypad
Wifi Module
ProControl+ App* 12 months subscription
External Sounder 

2 Door Contacts
3 PIR Movement Sensors
2 Remote Set Fobs

Shock System

Busy Family Home

Control Panel with Keypad
Wifi Module
ProControl+ App* 12 months subscription
External Sounder 
1 Door Contact
4 Shock Sensors
2 Remote Control Fobs

Our packages can be fully customised to meet the induvial requirements of your property


All our systems can be fully controlled via your smart phone or tablet

Set & unset your alarm from anywhere in the world 

Receive a reminder to set your alarm if you leave the house & haven't set your alarm 

Immediate notification if your alarm is activated 


Clyde Security Systems App

System Components

Clyde Security Systems PIR

Dual Tech Sensor

These sensors combine standard PIR and microwave technology, with both of these required to be triggered to set of the alarm. These are recommended in outbuildings and garages, were frequent temperature changes can cause false alarms on standard PIRs

Clyde Security Systems Shock Sensor

Shock Sensor

Used in place of PIR detectors. These are attached directly to downstairs windows or patio doors and detect shock waves associated with breaking glass or forced frames. Even with the alarm fully set, users can still walk within the house without triggering the alarm.

Clyde Security Systems Fob

Remote Control Fobs

Allows the system to be armed or disarmed wirelessly. This allows the control panel to be kept out of sight. System can be armed from your car. Programmable buttons allow us to program the fob as a panic button aswell if required. 

Clyde Security Bell Box

Dummy Bell Box

Decoy bell box complete with flashing LED's. All our systems come complete with 1 active bell box, however additional dummy boxes can be fitted to the rear of your property if required. 

Clyde Security Systems PIR

PIR Movement Sensor

Normally installed one per downstairs room with windows, these detect the presence of human beings in it's proximity. These come in standard and pet friendly versions, meaning pets won't trigger your alarm.

Clyde Security Sysems Door Contact

Door Contact

Installed on external doors, these are used to determine if doors have been forced open. They also trigger an allowed time entry period when the front door is opened, allowing the user to disarm their alarm.



Our systems are supplied and fitted for one upfront cost. There is no expensive long term monthly maintenance contracts, however we do offer the following  maintenance packages.


Mobile Self Monitored

Receive push notifications to your smart phone anywhere in the world 24/7  when your alarm is triggered, down to the exact sensor with ProControl+ App*. Remotely set and unset your alarm from your phone, no more forgetting to set the alarm.

Wireless System

All components communicate with the control panel wirelessly. This keeps installation as unintrusive as possible. Practically no mess.

Long Battery Life

Battery longevity with wireless systems is sometimes a worry for customers.The Pyronix Enforcer systems we install offer superior battery life with expectancy of 24 months. We're so confident in this that we will replace any battery that fails within the first 12 months free of charge.

No Expensive Monthly Contracts

With our systems there is no monthly rental or long term expensive contracts. Once installed the system is yours 100% for 1 upfront cost. App control is a subscription service, however we offer this for an annual low cost of £36.

External & Internal Siren

All our systems include an external active bell box. Lots of companies only install decoy sirens which will work as a visual deterrent but in the event of a break in will not alert your neighbours. Our external Deltabell comes with a bright strobe light as well as a distinctive audible warning.  

System Warranty

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of this product that we guarantee it for 2 years form the date of installation against any product defect, in addition to this should any battery fail within 12 months this will be replaced free of charge.

Pyronix Pro Control+ App Annual Subscription

- Annual subscription to ProControl+ App

Full Maintenance Package

- Recommended every 2 years

- Annual subscription to Pro Control+ App
- Site visit to check system performance
- Replacement of control panel battery backup
- Replacement of bell box battery
- Replacement of all sensor batteries